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Blood Ties Stills

A stillness community for fans of Blood Ties

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A stillness challenge community for fans of the TV Show Blood Ties.
Welcome to Blood Ties Stills, a stillness community for the television series Blood Ties on Lifetime. Please read the rules before joining and if you have any questions please feel free to ask any of the mods.

†† RULES ††

1) Use only the image provided, unless otherwise stated. You may use brushes, text, to create your icon. No animation allowed unless otherwise stated.

2)You may not post GRAPHICS, ICONS, MUSIC VIDEOS or anything else on bloodtiesstills. This is ONLY an Icon Challenge. You must have posting access in order to post in the community. You must be a moderator or banner maker to post in the community. We don't want to be mean but in order to keep unwanted spam out of the community this is the only way. There are other communities in live journal that are dedicated to posting icons and graphics. We hope that you post and share your Blood Ties graphics there.

3)The moderators have the right to ban members at anytime. If you are threatening members or moderators they can ban you. They do not have to give you a warning but they will ban you immediately. We will not put up with members who are like this and you will be reported to lj for your behavior online. Members who do not read the rules and continuously cause problems will be given warnings. We follow a 3 strike rule and then you are out. We've never had to use the 3 strike rule so let's not start anytime soon.

4) Do not reveal your icon(s) to anyone until after the winners are posted. This means that you must make NEW icons for the challenges and have not posted these icons anywhere else on live journal before or online.

5) You may NOT vote for YOUR OWN ICON IN YOUR ICON CHOICE NO MATTER THE REASON OR YOUR VOTING CHOICE WILL NOT COUNT, NOR get your friends to vote for you, NOR manipulate the results of the polls for your benefit.

6) Please be sure your entry fits LJ's standards. GIF, JPG, and PNG format. 40kb and 100x100 MAX.

7) Host your entry on an image hosting site such as Photobucket and provide a direct link to your icon.

8) You may use an artist's entry icon ONLY with their permission and after the challenge.

9) You must credit the artist in keywords if using their icons.
†† How the Challenges Work: ††

There are 2 types of Challenges that can be posted each week:

1. Regular Challenge: Save the image(s) at the beginning of the challenge and design an ORIGINAL icon out of it, using brushes, text, textures, gradients and so on. No other images will be allowed unless otherwise stated. You may enter up to 3 icons unless otherwise stated.


2. Bonus/Theme Challenge: Create an ORIGINAL icon with the image (if one is given), subject, or theme using brushes, text, textures, gradients ect. You may enter up to 2 icons unless otherwise stated.

†† About the time zone and how to convert to 11pm EST:††

You must Submit your icon in a screened comment to the Challenge post. Entries will be accepted until the deadline, which is every Sunday at 11:00 p.m. EST (CONVERT YOUR TIME ZONE). Voting will take place and a new challenge will be posted the following Monday. Winners will be posted on Wednesday. Banners will be posted shortly thereafter. Depending on the number of entries, there will be awards for First, Second and Third Place plus Mod's Choice. Occasionally if there are a lot of entries there will be "Special Category" awards (best cropping, coloring etc).

†† Submitting Your Icon: ††

1) Upload your icon to an Image Hosting Site, for example, Photobucket
2) Provide not only the image but the link such as shown below in the example:

Example of what to post when you submit your icons in a Challenge:



The link must work for as long as possible. Also remember that there are other members who might want to use your icons.

3) Submit your entry in a screened comment to the Challenge post. If you have any questions then please ask the moderator who is running the current challenge. Thank you!


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