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11 January 2009 @ 07:53 pm
Blood Ties needs you to be a co-moderator!  
We currently now have 2 spots open for co-Moderators. Please, please apply in this post if you'd like to be a co-moderator at bloodtiesstills. I really need some extra help because I work full time.

If there is anyone that needs to step down as a co-mod for any reason then let me know in this post. All comments will be screened.

If you'd like to be a co-mod or banner maker then there's a few things we are looking for:

Co-Mods will have the job of helping us watch the community, rotate posting challenges, post voting and post winners and in the case of lightz474's absence, run the community TOGETHER. That means we must have each other's e-mail addresses & you must be able to communicate with one another.

1. You must have at least some idea on how an icon challenge community is run.
2. You must be able to post your challenges ON TIME EVERY TIME and post reminders, answer questions members might have (if you don't know the answer then ask me), post the voting poll and post the winners. YOU MUST REMIND ABOUT THE CHALLENGES.
3. If by chance you cannot or DO NOT want to post your challenge, you MUST let me know at least 3 days prior to your posting date either in a comment on the latest post in the community or via e-mail (Light474@gmail.com). I need time to get in touch with the next co-mod so that they can post the challenge.
4. Likewise if you do not wish to continue as a mod for bloodtiesstills please let me know ASAP. No hard feelings I just need to know so we won't be waiting on you to post your challenge.
5. If you are going on vacation please let me know so I don't nag you about posting when it's your turn. Also, let me know when you get back so that I don't skip on the next rotation.
6. If you are a co-mod you can STILL enter the challenges, even the ones you post.

Interested in being a co-mod? Copy and Paste the following as a comment and fill it out.

Thank you! ♥